Bridal Styling – Be a princess for the day

Bridal Styling – Be a princess for the day

A while ago he popped the question…and the answer was: YESS I will!
That was the very beginning of an adverture called getting married.
Of course first the date, the wedding chapel, and the nice restaurant for the dinner where to be concerted
Then came the dress, and along with that someone mentioned: make-up and hair.

For me as a MUAH, make-up artist hair, it all comes together in 1 perfect picture.
You can have the most beautiful wedding dress, but without your hair being done and your skin all shimmering it won’t be perfect.

Bridal make-up trial

About 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding day we’ll have a make-up trial. Tell me all about you, what kind of make-up do you normally wear? How do you want to look?

I’ll show you 2 different kind of styles, and together we’ll decide which one makes you look beautiful. Of course everything is written down and at your wedding day, no stress of course, everything has been done before. That way, you’ll walk the isle like a swan, making everybody breathless.

Bruidsvisagie voor Elisa

You’ll get full exclusivity of me, your MUAH, for your wedding day.
I only book one bride for the day! It is advisable to ask in time if i am available.
Some popular dates are requested very early.

If you have any question’s please mail or call, your welcome!

I speak Dutch, English and French.
I work mostly in the Netherlands, but even abroad. Ask for the posibilities!

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